is The Beauty Business Unplugged? 

The Beauty Business Unplugged is a specialized monthly subscription service—made specifically for entrepreneurs in the world of beauty. We provide the best resources on how to build a business built on passion and intended for profits. 

The Beauty Business Unplugged gives you exclusive access to other members, business experts, and resources that will guide you step-by-step on how to grow a profitable beauty business that fits your lifestyle.


Should You Join the Beauty Business Unplugged?

 If you are at a point where you’d really like to see what it feels like to grow a legitimate business and make serious money working in your passion, then the Beauty Business Unplugged is the right place for you. We have tested how to expedite success and get you on the right path to start seeing results as soon as possible.

The Beauty Business Unplugged Is Especially For:

  • Makeup Artist

  • Estheticians

  • Hair Stylists

  • Nail Techs

  • Barbers

  • Fashion Designers

...And anybody who wants to build a beauty business! 


Your membership includes: 

  • Access to our private Facebook group

  • Discounts on products and courses

  • Monthly live masterclass with business experts

  • One-on-one coaching with LaTonya Turnage

  • Your profile in our community directory

  • Accountability partnering

  • Access to our online and in-person meetups

  • Member spotlight opportunity

  • Tons or business resources, video tutorials, courses, and more


Join our private Facebook group. Head over to the group and request access. If your Facebook name is different from the name you used to sign up, please email info@beautybusinessunplugged.com and let us know.


Create your member profile. Upload a picture of yourself (not your business), tell us where you're from, what you do, and share links to your website and social media. 


Welcome to The Beauty Business Unplugged! Introduce yourself to the community and start connecting and learning today.


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