I’m LaTonya, and I help budding beauty professionals get their footing in the business world so that they can turn their passion into profits. I am a beauty business mentor who believes that you can have a profitable business doing what you love—making others look and feel their best. 

With a license in cosmetology and state board exams under my belt, I started my career in makeup with M.A.C. Cosmetics and Estee Lauder brands, including their signature line and Clinique. After 14 years of juggling makeup artistry and a corporate job, I launched my beauty business, Elite Secrets. Now, I get to work in my first passion—makeup and all things beautiful. And, I have time for my second passion—coach and mentor beauty professionals on the art of makeup, and teach professionals to create and grow successful businesses.

But I know what it’s like when the naysayers try to discourage you, and you feel like no one gets you. I know what it is like to question each and every decision you make about your business. I know that starting a business is no easy road. I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed and exhausted getting your dreams off the ground. I know what it feels like to ask, “Can I really handle this business?”

You name it—from the good and bad, the excitements and the disappointments, I’ve gone through it all.

So, I created this group, the Beauty Business Unplugged to connect with others who may be feeling this way, and cultivate a community for beauty entrepreneurs looking to turn their passion into profits, who value community over competition and crave to learn more about the businesses they desire to grow.